Ana Hernandez

Dr. Ana Hernandez is an Associate Faculty and Training Consultant with the Eikenberg Academy of Social Justice. She is committed to addressing mental health inequalities and social justice using a multicultural, systemic framework when providing mental health treatment to individuals, LGBTQ, couples, and families of color.

Dr. Hernandez is devoted to teaching and training using a relational and Self-of-the-Therapist model and has served as an adjunct professor in Marriage and Family Therapy programs at Long Island, Seton Hall, and Drexel Universities. She has presented at local, national, and international conferences and has published several articles and book chapters including "Challenging Heterosexual and Cisgender Privilege in Clinical Supervision" in Clinical Activities for Increasing Competence and Self-Awareness (2014, New Jersey: Wiley and Sons) and "Making the Invisible Visible: a closer look at social class in supervision" in Culturally Sensitive Supervision and Training: Diverse Perspectives and Practical Applications (2016, New York, NY: Routledge).

Dr. Hernandez is a member of the planning Committee for the Soul Work Conference.

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