Martha Alicia Trigueros / My Personal Journey

“Raised by my grandmother, my sibling and I escaped Nicaragua when I was 8 years old amidst the revolution against the Somoza’s rising dictatorship. My parents had immigrated to the United States prior. My commitment to social justice work started at a young age in response to the demands of cultural appropriation. Combating the challenges of language barriers and acute cultural differences, I was made aware of explicit racism from an early age. This sparked my passion for social justice work.

My decision to pursue a graduate degree in clinical social work was heavily influenced by these early experiences and contributes to my current passion for community based mental health. The experiences of my life from fleeing a country where sleep was obtained in a hole under the bed in order to avoid the militia, to arriving in Los Angeles where I was subjected to stereotypes, has influenced and shaped the lens in which I view and navigate the world.”

Martha Alicia Trigueros is the Program Director of the Screening, Stabilization and Transition (STAT) services, a crisis intervention and trauma focused treatment center at WestCoast Children’s in Oakland, California. She has been committed to working with victims of trauma, human trafficking and immigration for over 15 years. Martha found her passion in trauma work when she was in the trenches after 9/11 in NYC where she worked with individuals and families who had lost loved ones in the Twin Towers.

Martha received her MA in Social Work from Smith College and her clinical and administrative background is based in community mental health clinics and community-based organizations.


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