Please call me by my true names, so that I can wake up and the door of my heart can remain open, the door of compassion.

Larry is a recently retired clinical social worker, psychotherapist, with over 25 years of clinical and social justice experience. Larry is a frequent contributor to Public Radio (KQED) Perspectives radio broadcasts and has taught in graduate clinical programs. He writes to live and lives to write. His blog site is: and he is the author of: “Taking off the Mask: Breaking the Silence—The Art of Naming Racism in the Therapy Room”, In M. Rastogi & E. Wieling (Eds.), Voices of color (pp. 91-115). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage and “The Unspoken Power of Racial Context: What’s Race Gotta Do With?” In M. Rastogi & V. Thomas (Eds.), Multicultural Couple Therapy (pp. 77-103). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Larry is a Chinese American only son of 3 previous generations of oldest sons. His great grandfather was in San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake and was able to obtain citizenship as a result of the great fire, a testament of resilience, survival and ingenious use of political timing. His grandparents first escaped the Sino-Japanese invasion and then the communist Cultural Revolution. He grew up in an extended family home with his paternal grandparents. He has 2 children Nathan and Alexandria.

Simeon Awosan